About LDS.

How We Started

In response to the urgent need to address racial diversity in light of the most recent Black Lives Matter protests during 2020, three of the largest amateur dramatics societies in Central London met to address what could be done to take action, create change and establish template policies that would ensure diversity and inclusion is properly considered in our societies.

Initially called the Diversity Action Group, we saw a need for the collaboration of societies across London to share best practise and resources. What was initially started by Sedos, Centre Stage and Geoids will hopefully in time become a larger network of London Drama Societies who can work together to make London's amateur stages more diverse, reflective and welcoming of everyone.


Centre Stage

Centre Stage London started life as a light opera company in 1966. These days, we stage at least two major musical theatre productions a year, a number of smaller cabarets and throw socials open to everyone! At Centre Stage London we celebrate that which makes our shows so unique: you. Our membership, and its diversity, makes our shows successful and reflects the vibrant community that we serve. It is our differences - be it age, gender identification, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability - that make us what we are. Bring your true self; it is why we love you.


Geoids Musical Theatre is a dynamic central London theatre company who perform exciting and entertaining musical theatre. Our members come from a broad range of backgrounds and abilities, and we’re committed to developing their potential. At Geoids, we are known for entertaining audiences and providing a rewarding experience for our members.


Sedos stands for the Stock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society. Sedos is a group of London professionals with a passion for the theatre. Spanning a range of ages, backgrounds, professions and personalities, our members enjoy a vibrant and varied Sedos life both on and off stage. Sedos is a registered charity with 340 members and stages eight to ten shows a year.